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Re-Wearing On the Go

Re-Wearing On the Go

Travelers who are constantly on the go often have to rely on efficient packing and wardrobe through the process. With more and more travelers having a heavy focus on sustainability, re-wearing items has become a popular choice for its contribution to minimizing fashion-related waste. With some mindful considerations and creativity, it is possible to save money and the environment by re-wearing pieces for multiple days.

Re-Wearing On the Go

Packing Tips

When packing for a trip, one should consider the items that are necessary for the duration of the stay. Everyone has their own alternatives to lessening their load, such as folding the clothes rather than hanging them or rolling them. While trying to fit a certain amount of clothing into the bag, there are various space savers which will not take any extra space; double-duty items in the line of clothing, shoes, and accessories that can be incorporated into multiple outfits.

Focus on Versatility

The most important factor to consider is versatility when it comes to choosing items for re-wearing. It should not be difficult to find pieces that easily transform from an office-appropriate environment to a beach one. A dress, for example, is a great example of a clothing item that can be immensely versatile. It can easily be taken from day to night with different types of accessories and pairings. Moreover, by pairing a dress with a button-down item, it can easily be transformed from more formal occasions to more casual ones.

For more casual items of clothing, such as jeans and t-shirts, there are numerous ways to utilize it. One could incorporate statement jewelry, hats, or scarfs and instantly change the look of the outfit. The key is to find items that match with each other in terms of color and be creative in finding ways to incorporate them.

Work With Layers and Accessories

Another great tip is to always work with layers. An extra layer, such as a jean jacket, a denim top, or a cardigan, can add an extra level of dimension to the outfit. Furthermore, it is also important to take into consideration accessories. Accessories can serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose and through incorporating different pieces, the outfit can easily be transformed from day to night. A scarf, for example, can be changed from a professional business environment to a casual one. Moreover, different shoes and bags can also be used to create different looks.

Care for the Items

In order to effectively and responsibly re-wear items, it is important to factor in the care and maintenance. One should avoid washing items too often as this could lead to their deterioration. Moreover, while packing, it is important to take into consideration the laundering requirements of the items. Different materials require different laundering instructions, so it is important to follow directions.

It is also important to properly store the items. To store them best, one should place them in breathable bags and give them space to air out and stay fresh. It is also important to treat items for possible staining and note to hand wash them.

Purchase Thoughtfully

Regardless of the length of the trip, it is always important to be mindful when purchasing items for the journey. As much as possible, one should try to avoid buying cheap, disposable items that might be easily thrown away. A much better option would be to invest in quality pieces that can be used over and over again.

Re-wearing is a great way to be mindful in regards to traveling and personal style. By allowing oneself to be creative with the pieces in their wardrobe and doing some minor alterations such as accessorizing it with various items and layers, it is possible to create unique looks that can fit any occasion. Ultimately, re-wearing items is a great way to both save money and help the environment by minimizing fashion-related waste.

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