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Joining Loyalty Programs with Airlines

Joining Loyalty Programs with Airlines

Traveling is an exciting experience that can reveal the world and open one’s mind to different cultures, landscapes and cuisines. Despite the eagerness, planning and budgeting a trip can be a complex task. Flights, hotels, transportation, food and activities are all factors that a traveler must take into consideration. From the traveler’s perspective, booking a trip can rack up hefty bills, but with loyalty programs, taking a vacation no longer has to consume your wallet.

Loyalty programs are a great way to save money on airfare, hotels and car rentals from various companies. Airlines, in particular, have loyalty programs. The idea is to establish customer loyalty to a specific airline in order to gain rewards. If a traveler regularly books flights with the same airline, the more rewards he or she accrues over the course of a year. In the end, traveling with a loyalty program may be less expensive in the long run. Let’s take a look at why joining loyalty programs with airlines can be beneficial.

Joining Loyalty Programs with Airlines

Advantages of Joining Loyalty Programs with Airlines

1. Free Flights

One of the main benefits of loyalty programs with airlines is possibly acquiring free flights. For example, if a traveler reaches a certain amount of flight miles, he or she may qualify for free flights with that particular airline. As a result, travelers often accumulate points or miles and save them for future trips.

2.Advance Seating Options and Priority

When it comes to airlines, seats don’t always come with a price tag. Many loyalty programs allow travelers to choose their own seats, give them access to priority boarding, and provide them with upgrades to more comfortable seats, such as business class or first class. By being a loyal airline customer, you may have the opportunity to cut the line and board your flight before others.

3. Discounts on Car Rentals and Hotels

It’s not just flights you’re saving on when joining loyalty programs. Most airlines have partnerships with large hotel chains. As a loyalty program member, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts on hotel stays and car rentals when traveling, which can save you a substantial amount of money. This can be so beneficial to those who need both a flight and accommodations.

4. No Cancelation Fees

Canceling trips can be an unwanted hassle, but loyalty programs can help make it easier. Many times, when trying to cancel a flight, travelers can be stuck with hefty cancelation fees. However, with loyalty programs, cancelation fees are generally waived because of the frequent flyer status.

5. Exclusive Offers and Deals

As a loyalty program member, you may receive exclusive offers and deals. Airlines often entice potential customers with exclusive rates or discounts on certain days or routes. Some even offer special packages around holidays and peak travel periods.

6. More Miles, More Benefits

The more you travel, the more benefits you will be able to enjoy. Airlines may offer bonuses for booking multiple flights in a period of time, or for a certain route. With an airline loyalty program, the more miles you accumulate, the more rewards you will be eligible for.

7. Additional Services

Many airlines have a range of services included in their loyalty programs. Services like priority check-in, express lanes for security, access to special lounges, additional baggage allowance and priority baggage handling can be enjoyed when traveling on an airline’s loyalty program. Not to mention that priority boarding and baggage handling usually means that travelers are able to rapidly get to their destinations.

8. Gift Cards & Vouchers

When it comes to loyalty programs, gift cards and vouchers are an amazing way to get the most out of your travel rewards. With gift cards, travelers can exchange their miles or points for a gift card and use it at participating hotels, restaurants, stores and more. On the other hand, some airlines may offer vouchers which can be used to cover the cost of flights.

9. Availability of Complimentary Airline Upgrades

Highly favored amongst frequent flyers, complimentary upgrades can be attained simply by joining an airline loyalty program. Depending on the airline and the amount of flights taken, travelers may get upgraded from economy class to business class, as well as get other benefits like more legroom, special meals and complimentary beverages.

10. Access to Points-Earning Partners

When joining loyalty programs with airlines, many times travelers also benefit from access to points-earning partners. These are companies that are partnered with the airline and offer extra points to customers when they purchase certain products and services. With points-earning partners, loyalty program members can earn extra points when they shop at restaurants, retailers, gas stations and various other things that could go into a trip.

Final Thoughts

The more you travel, more reward benefits are attainable, so it makes sense to join a loyalty program to reap the rewards. With airline loyalty programs, travelers can take advantage of more than discounted flights. From priority boarding, car rentals and hotels, to access to points-earning partners and complimentary upgrades, loyalty programs can make traveling affordable and provide great value. Ultimately, loyalty programs offer customers the opportunity to enjoy personalized benefits that would be difficult to enjoy without being a recognized customer. Considering how advantageous loyalty programs can be, if you regularly travel, joining one is definitely worth it.

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